Axel&Quill was founded in 2016 by someone with more than just “a passion and a dream”. In fact, Axel&Quill was a necessity. With a family history of jewellery, and 15 years of her own hard work and experience, it was finally time for Axel&Quill to begin.

Named after two famous astrologers, the names also reflect the essential parts of all creativity – the Maker and the Designer – the Axel (axle) and the Quill. The pieces created by Axel&Quill pay respect to the ancient understandings of alchemy and art, intertwining the scientific and chemical elements of jewellery manufacture, with the deep human need for artistic expression. 

Axel&Quill is more than just jewellery. Axel&Quill is a homage to the great creators and masters of yesteryear – to those who first forged metals, to those who first marvelled at the beauty of the earths great treasures and saw the potential within them. Jewellery is not just a fashion trend to follow, but rather it is a souvenir of human kind, a small object that reflects the intellect, questioning and deep understanding of the human psyche. One’s jewellery should reflect their life. It should comprise tokens significant to each individual, may it be in reference to a celebration, achievement or to a distant ancestral past. 

We are excited to invite you to share your own jewellery legacy with us.